What would the world be like if men greeted each other with wrestling holds?

Did you ever fear getting an erection while wrestling in school?

Just a few of the many frank questions award-winning filmmaker Victor Rook asks when trying to find out why wrestling has become so underappreciated in America. Pro, amateur, and submission wrestling are examined in-depth.

"Finally, a film that speaks to my life-long obsession. My favorite of the festival."
--ImageOut Film Festival attendee

"It was so real to me as I'm sure it will be to many. A true 5-star effort!"
-- Phil, PA Wrestling Coach

"I saw myself in scene after scene...a marvelous job in describing something that so many of us have not been able to describe, communicate, or even admit in my generation and the generations before me."
--Warren E., bodybuilding promoter

"STRONGHOLD was excellent....lots of stuff covered strikes a personal chord in me: heroes, gladiators, father figures, brothers, wrestling my friends, and even sneaking (in) late night TV wrestling."
--Robbie, New South Wales, Australia

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